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What people have to say about Brett...

Shana Tova to you and your family. I didn't want the Jewish New Year to begin without sending our thanks for your expertise in setting up the new website for the Temple Beth El Sisterhood Braille Bindery. As you know our book orders were decreasing and we never knew whether there would work a particular Tuesday when the staff would meet. Without eh new website, there is now a consistent flow of orders that keeps on improving in number as time goes by. For Jan, myself and the volunteers of the Bindery, we are truly grateful for your hardworking.


Earl Reimer

Liaison - Temple Beth El Braille Bindery 


"As Brett's immediate supervisor for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. His interpersonal skills are exemplary and appreciated by everyone who works with him. 

Besides being a joy to work with, Brett is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.  He has successfully developed plans for our organization that has resulted in increased membership engagement.  During his tenure, we saw an increase in communication across our congregation.  The additional efforts with social media and graphic design helped us to expand our operations into other markets where we lacked before. 

Though he was an asset to our marketing efforts, Brett was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of Temple Israel.  Brett assumed a leadership role in meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees. He has also served as a project manager for several key projects and helped to implement our expanded operations. He has proven, on several occasions that he can be trusted to deliver.

I highly recommend Brett for employment.  He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."


Alan Harris

Chief Operating Officer,  Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, MI



"Brett created, designed, developed, printed multiple editions of a newsletter for a trade association I am associated with. He did an excellent job of taking written articles, bits of information needed, and pictures to create a very engaging newsletter. It was always timely and had great graphics and design for each of them. Brett helped us brand the newsletter and really took it a notch higher than what we were doing in Publisher off the side of our desks when we had time. I truly appreciated all of his work and how well the final products turned out each quarter."


Leslie Matukaitis

Small Business Accounts and Loan Professional, Livonia MI



"If you're looking for a multi-talented individual for your company, Brett is your guy. From Graphic Design to Management, Mr. Panter can fill most any role. It was a pleasure to work with Brett at AFS. He was very hard working and had the ability to take our ideas and turn them into full-blown actions."


Jonathan Reiher

SEO Manager, Search Optics, Detroit, MI



"Brett is a highly talented and detailed focused Marketing professional. In a very short period of time, he instituted unique identities to the organization's multiple lines of business. He produced high-quality patient and provider collateral that met the high standards established by multiple state agencies. Brett also lead and followed through on the development and production of all documents required by CMS for the successful application of a Medicare Part D plan."


Brian Peltz

FACHE-FAHM Healthcare Professional, Detroit, MI



"Brett was influential in integrating graphic design and web-design work into the with the Greater Media Corporation before those skill-sets were in heavy demand. Brett possesses outstanding graphic design skills, which I have also employed in my own freelance business."


Michael Gagliano

Production Director, Cumulus Media, Detroit, MI


"Brett is a creative force. He knows how to lead a project from conception to completion and deliver it on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to hire Brett and I highly recommend you consider him for your next graphic design project. He will make you look good."


Michael Charach

CBS Televison Vice President, Los Angeles, CA

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